On the Banks of the Beane

On the Banks of the Beane is a 40' documentary film, commissioned by the River Beane Restoration Association.

The film tells the story of the plight of the River Beane in Hertfordshire, one of the UK's rare chalk streams.  Covering aspects of oral history, scientific research, input from the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, MPs from Hertfordshire and the dedicated efforts of the RBRA members over 20 years, the film was successful in bringing to light the over-abstraction that has drained the river dry.

While the film was in post-production, Affinity Water - the company responsible for the water pumping - announced an almost total reduction of all pumping taking place in the Beane.  This was able to be included in the film.

The film was awarded a prize for public outreach by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE).

I produced, directed, edited and photographed the film.

The film also included aerial photography, filmed from a 65 year old light aircraft.