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Howard Berry

Filmmaker, Lecturer, Broadcaster

Howard Berry GBFTE (assoc.)

a little about me

I am a filmmaker, broadcaster, film consultant, oral historian and MA Film and Television Production Course Leader & Principal Lecturer in Post-Production at the University of Hertfordshire.

I have been the creative behind a number of shorts, dramas, music videos, documentaries and promos – working on set and in the cutting room. Clients and collaborations have included Warner Brothers, Network Releasing, Elstree Studios and the BBC.  I am currently in pre-production on my latest documentary project with Walter Murch and Mike Leigh and preparing an exhibition of my work and research to be exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery.

I work in a variety of film and television related fields – as Principal Lecturer in Post-Production and MA Film Production programme leader, as a filmmaker and editor, as a consultant to film companies and as a subject expert commentator for various media outlets.

I make regular appearances on BBC Three Counties Radio as a film specialist for the Friday night Entertainment Hour, which is part of the Drivetime show presented by Roberto Perrone. I also regularly comment on Bob FM in the Hertfordshire region, and I’ve appeared on BBC News, BBC’s The One Show and ITV London News.

Recent work

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my areas of specialism 

film post-production

My expertise is in post-production, and I worked as a VFX editor on a number of features including Green Zone, Scott Pilgrim and Kick-Ass.  I worked as editor on a number of highly successful independent films including the Arts Council funded “Impirioso”, in broadcast creating content for the BBC and DVD special features for Network Releasing, and in exhibitions for the Deutsches Filmmuseum and the Kubrick Estate.

I have a full post-production suite at home, with Avid Symphony and Baselight colour correction for online and offline.


I have filmed at Elstree Studios, the BBC Elstree Centre and Amblin Entertainment/Dreamworks Pictures in Los Angeles, with icons of film and TV including Sir Roger Moore, Brian Blessed, Steven Spielberg, Barbara Windsor, and Simon Pegg. Other partnerships I’ve been involved with include working closely with StudioCanal, Network Releasing, editing documentaries for Elstree Studios, and BBC Digital East.  I have experience as a producer of short dramas and documentaries including the award-winning documentary “On the Banks of the Beane”, and the highly acclaimed oral history “Staircases to Nowhere”.

research and consultancy

I am an expert in the films of Stanley Kubrick, and have worked closely with his estate and Warner Brothers for the past decade. This has involved forming an oral history with several Kubrick family members and close collaborators, being commissioned to create two new video works to showcase 2001: A Space Odyssey materials for the Deutsches Filmmuseum, creating and organising the 35th anniversary of The Shining event, contributing as lead researcher for an official book on the making of The Shining, launching the official Stanley Kubrick social media pages with a Facebook Live broadcast from the touring Kubrick Exhibition at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, and recreating the special effects of 2001: A Space Odyssey for the BBC’s flagship magazine show The One Show. In 2019 I worked as a consultant to Warner Brothers and representing the Kubrick Estate on the official launch of the Stanley Kubrick Collection, and I was the keynote speaker at the closing of the Stanley Kubrick exhibition at the Design Museum in September 2019, presenting the Kubrick Annual Lecture.


recognition for my work

I’m proud to have had my work recognised across many different fields.  I have won recognition for my teaching and research work, and for the films I have worked on and made.  My documentary “On the Banks of the Beane” won an award for being the most impactful documentary of the year, produced in Hertfordshire, for 2014.  Other awards include Highly Commended at the Commonwealth Visions Award for a short film I edited, and Movies.com said my documentary about The Shining “Might Be the Greatest Documentary About ‘The Shining’ Ever Made”.

Don’t take my word for it…

Tutor of the Year Testimonial

"Howard is a friendly, fun, patient, supportive, organised, intellectually stimulating, sincere, caring and a great teacher [and] an asset to the course and to the University"

- Vice-Chancellor Award's Judging Committee

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Get in touch if you would like me to speak at your event or conference, if you are a media company looking for an expert commentator in the world of film and tv, or if you are looking to collaborate on a film project – big or small!  The clients and partners on the left did, and they weren’t disappointed.


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